Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blogger setup

Blogger content width in the classic template
I found the default width too narrow. Made it wider in Settings, Layout, Edit HTML with the following replacements:

width: 660px; => width: 1000px
width: 410px; => width: 780;
max-width:700px; => max-width:1000px;

Google Analytics
Once editing the template, why not to add Google Analytic code.
Not using Google Analytic yet? Sign up here.
"It's easy -- and free!"

Sign up for
Google Webmaster Tools and add your blogspot url as a new site. Then go to Sitemaps, Add Sitemap, select Add General Web Sitemap and type atom.xml in step 3 (ignore steps 1 and 2).

Good place to check is Google Webmaster Central and one more about blog feeds and yet nother one about using custom domain.

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